Max Prend Un Bain 1910 online anschauen und downloaden kinofilm

  • Title: Max prend un bain
  • Release year: 1910
  • Movie genres: Short; Comedy
  • Director: Lucien Nonguet
  • Actors: Max Linder, Lucien Nonguet
  • Movie length: 8 min.

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This movie is a really fun movie with lots of fantastic action.

Max prend un bain Short movie was produced in early 1910. Lucien Nonguet, Max Linder make the Short movie fantastic.

Max prend un bain is a very average movie and that is why it gets average rating from us and from so many people who spent time with it. This is a action in Short category with average acting of quite well-known actors like Lucien Nonguet, Max Linder. You could find some catchy ideas that are covered in it but there are a lot moments of the action are not well done at all. So, if you have got some free time and interested in watching Max prend un bain from 1910 with duration 8 mins then you are able to do it.

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